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The Power of Seeing Things Differently

is a 6-week 2hr/per week online in-person program that teaches you not only how to access your intuition on demand but also how to use it to get real improvements in and benefits for your business

What You'll Learn

  • Learn to make better decisions -
    and you're constantly making decisions in business -
    which projects to work on, who to hire, what investments to make

  • Create clearer visions -
    so that you invest your time and energy on what is truly important

  • Unleash your innate super-creativity -
    and write clear on-message reports, create promotional material that draws people in
    or come up with new products or processes

  • Let go of the blocks stopping you from having greater awareness of your team, customers and company

  • We are all intuitive... remember the power of your intuition

Where - Online


The free class is at 3pm on Wednesday 9th April.
It starts at 3pm Melbourne time and runs for 2 hours.
This is the first class in a six-part training.


What's in the course

  • Module 1 - The Power of Seeing Things Differently - Meet Your Intuition

  • Module 2 - Turning on the Tap - Receiving the flow of intuitive information

  • Module 3 - Using Intuition for Visioning - Step into you vision and see what's really there

  • Module 4 - Working with Your Vision - the secret to taking the right action 

  • Module 5 - Neutralise your sabotage - learn the secret to finding what’s sabotaging you and draining its power

  • Module 6 - Unleash Your Creativity - learn how we usually by default and how to skyrocket that

  • You can learn more here


What Vincent's clients say

Sharon Goyen
Holistic Therapist & Wellbeing Centre owner- NSW

Over the past 6 years I have gotten to know Vincent as dedicated Intuitive Coach, Yoga Teacher, Corporate trainer and a naturally caring and supportive friend. Vincent has a wonderful teaching style that builds trust and competency in his students/clients that helps them to build confidence in the process and in themselves. He has a consistent way of explaining his techniques in a clear precise simple and profound way that empowers each person to trust and harness their innate Intuition skills. He has a caring, patient, compassion nature and a finely tuned Intuition that guides his clients towards their own insightful Intuitive nature.

Martin Worth - Brisbane

Wilderness retreat facilitator and Holistic therapist 

At Vincent’s last class, I became aware of resistance that was holding me up. I was reluctant to make a call to an old friend. I hadn’t spoken with him for years. All three of the group were extremely encouraging from their intuition for me to the call. Well, the very next day, I did. It was amazing. He was pleased to chat and extremely supportive. We have arranged to meet up

Ann –- Melbourne
Holistic Therapist

As a coach, Vincent has the right amount of truth to give me that kick up the butt when I need it, combined with the ability to see my strengths which will enable me. I would highly recommend Vincent to anyone who would like sincere and honest guidance to help them move forward in the right direction

Jo- Adelaide
Childcare specialist

From the beginning, Vincent has really made me feel really comfortable and has put me at ease. I've just found Vincent to be really, really genuine. He has been really calm, and made that really easy for me. I also appreciate Vincent’s listening skills, his ability to pick out what he heard, reflect back the key points and really help me get great clarity. He does this in a paced and respectful way.