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    The Power of Seeing Things Differently

    How to use intution to improve your business

    What You'll Learn

    • Learn to make better decisions -
      and you're constantly making decisions in business -
      which projects to work on, who to hire, what investments to make

    • Create clearer visions -
      so that you invest your time and energy on what is truly important

    • Unleash your innate super-creativity -
      and write clear on-message reports, create promotional material that draws people in
      or come up with new products or processes

    • Let go of the blocks stopping you from having greater awareness of your team, customers and company

    • We are all intuitive... remember the power of your intuition

    What's in the course?


    Module 1 - The Power of Seeing Things Differently

    • Meet Your intuition and

    • Learn how your mindset influences how you see the world

    • Stop missing out on opportunities you're just not seeing

    • Experience the vast amount of information available to you when the mind gets out of the way

    • Open the door to learning to get the most from your intuition

    Module 2 - Turning on the Tap

    • Learn to receive the flow of intuitive information

    • Learn how intuition and imagination are interconnected. We need intuition for imagination and we need imagination for intuition

    • Start putting intuition to use in a practical setting and start receiving information you had no other way to access

    Module 3 - Using Intuition for Visioning

    • Create and step into your vision for your business, your career and for your life outside of work and see what’s really there

    • Obtain written guidance about your vision, about your direction, problems you're facing and what you are creating 

    • Create a vision for your business, your career and for your life outside of work 

    Module 4 - Working with your vision

    • Learn the secret to taking the right action

    • Learn the circle process to get information and make powerful decisions from intuition

    • Learn the powerful practice of creating and using your choices to create direction in your work and life

    Module 5 - Neutralise your Sabotage

    • Learn the sneaky ways that your unconscious sabotages your choices and plans

    • Learn the 12 core beliefs that may be sabotaging your life - we all have them!

    • Learn the secret to finding what’s sabotaging you and draining its power

    • Learn a powerful tool to neitralise the power of your shadow

    Module 6 - Unleash your Creativity

    • Learn the levels of creativity and what you need to do to access your most creative level

    • Learn a powerful tool that will skyrocket your creativity

    • Learn a powerful tool to help you grow your productivity and creativity