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Coaching Agreement – from 1/1/2023

For 2023, session are sold as packages of 6 with the intention that they be used every two weeks over a three month period, Single sessions are also available if required.

Vincent, the coach, agrees to

a)     Provide 6 x 45-minute coaching sessions as agreed

b)     Provide at least 24 hours notice (except in case of emergencies) if a session needs to be rescheduled

c)      Keep the content of the sessions completely confidential except as specifically agreed with you, the client; and not use any information divulged during a session for his own benefit

d)     Respond to messages within 24 hours. This will include any questions


When you, the client, complete the signup form and pay, you agree

a)     To be responsible for booking the sessions you are entitled to, for adding them to your calendar and for setting up any additional reminders you may require

b)     To complete the preparation work (allow 30 minutes) prior to each session and email it to [email protected]

c)      To attend the sessions on time or reschedule with 24 hours notice (except in case of emergencies)

d)     That coaching sessions will take place by zoom. If technical issues make this impossible, the session will take place by telephone

e)     To create a record of all actions you agree to in each session and email it to [email protected] ASAP after the session and no later than 24 hours

f)      To create and email one update between the sessions (allow 15 minutes)

g)     To attend at least one “Create Your Vision” class per month

h)     To receive messages from Vincent concerning the coaching program and classes

i)       That Vincent may log all sessions (date/name/email/duration only – no content) for International Coaching Federation accreditation

j)       To complete a completion process at the end of the engagement

k)     To complete and send a feedback form at the end of the engagement

l)       To be responsible for creating your own decisions and results. 

m)   That you are free to discuss the coaching relationship with anyone at any time. . 

n)     To indemnify and hold Vincent harmless from any loss or liability arising from actions taken or situations created as a result of the coaching relationship

o)     That sessions may be recorded for reference only. Recordings will be kept confidential and used only to support coaching with the client.