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About Vincent

Hi, I’m Vincent


And I help your business create a compelling vision, make empowered decisions and access super-creativity through the use of intuition and intuitive tools.


After studying and attempting to apply the teachings of many personal development writers, my intuitive training with William Whitecloud is what has been bringing me breakthroughs in several areas of life.


I’ve been teaching classes and coaching clients in intuition since early 2020 and seen them receive magical outcomes… new jobs, new business opportunities, clarity in romantic relationships. Now, I’m bringing these ideas and tools to the business world.


Before I shifted careers, I was an IT project manager working with the Victorian State Government, ANZ Bank, IBM, and Exxon Mobil in Australia, the US and Europe. This has given me wide experience to different aspects of business.


I hold an MBA from Deakin University, am certified by the International Coaching Federation, completed Project Management Professional certification in 2005 and Kundalini Yoga teacher training in 2015.